Here in Northeast Ohio, many residents enjoy seasonal love affairs with their swimming pools, but during the off-season, pool owners simply can’t neglect them. A pool can be very unforgiving. And while we’ve discussed in the past the need to have winter services to protect your investment, it’s important to remember that pool safety is also a year-round effort.

Safety Fence

Installing a safety fence can prevent children, pets, or others from even approaching your pool. When adding a safety fence, you can choose to enclose just the pool or your entire yard. Be sure you remove anything that would make it easier to climb the fence.  

Remove Access 

If you have an above-ground pool, safety is still critical. Remove stairs or ladders that provide access to the pool.

Door and Gate Alarms

No matter how vigilant you are, it’s possible someone will try to enter the pool area. A gate or door alarm can alert you so that you can prevent unauthorized entry before anyone comes to harm.

Pool Covers – Not Just for Protecting the Pool

Having a pool cover protects your pool from debris and keeps you from having to perform weekly maintenance during the cold winter months. A pool cover can also help inhibit algae growth.  Today’s mesh pool safety covers are also an important way to keep people safe, since the covers are strong enough to keep heavy objects from falling into the pool. Unlike traditional pool covers, safety pool covers can support the weight of people, pets, or even a car, should one attempt to land in your pool.

Check Your Pool Regularly

Even when your pool is unused and closed for the season, it is important to be in the habit of checking the pool on a regular basis. Walk the perimeter of your safety fence. Make sure there are no gaps and that the lock hasn’t been tampered with.  

Talk About Pool Safety

Continue to have pool safety conversations with children living in your house – even if they are older. There’s no harm in reminding your kids about pool safety and how important it is to still follow the rules, regardless of the winter weather.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash