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Commercial Pools: Social Distancing Signs and Decals

As commercial pool, including pools at condo and apartment complexes, city-operated pools, and private club pools - begin to reopen, there are several compliance requirements to consider. To help our commercial pool clients meet the new safety requirements to safely...

Commercial Pools to Reopen in Ohio May 26

Commercial pools get the green light to reopen. What does this mean for you and how do you comply with the requirements?

The Benefits of Professional Pool Maintenance

Even as Ohio begins to consider plans to reopen, most people will be spending more time at home. Professional pool maintenance lets you relax and enjoy.

It’s Time to Schedule Your Residential Pool Opening

Hastings Water Works technicians are available and ready to help. Schedule your residential pool opening with Hastings Water Works today.

Surviving the Freeze: 5 Swimming Pool Tips

Winter may be almost over but these swimming pool tips will make sure your pool survives until the spring thaw and is ready for fun.

New Year’s Resolutions for Pool Owners

From repairs to energy savings, here are some New Year’s resolutions pool owners can make to ensure they have a great pool season this year/

Hastings Christmas Favorites

Merry Christmas from all of us at Hastings Water Works!

Hastings Water Works Named 2019 Superior Service Award Winner

Hastings Water Works was named a 2019 superior services award winner by the Midwest chapter of the The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP)

Pool Safety Is a Year-Round Effort

It may be winter and you’re more worried about skiing than swimming, but pool safety is a year round effort. These tips can help.

Hastings Water Works Recognized as 2019 Top Service Provider

Hastings Water Works recognized as a 2019 top service provider in the US by Pool and Spa News, ranking number 10 in the nation.

A Pool Cover Offers Essential Winter Protection

Pool covers offer much-needed protection for your pool investment and keep you from having to continue weekly maintenancec through the winter.

Don’t Skip Pool Maintenance Just Because the Pool Is Closed

Don’t skip pool maintenance just because your pool is closed. You need to protect your investment in your pool year-round and Hastings Water Works can help.

Projects to Consider After Closing Your Pool

After closing your pool, make the most of your off-season to get pool repairs and upgrades to make next season even better. Schedule your services today.

Lifeguards Are the Workhorses of a Commercial Swimming Pool

Hastings Water Works has hired, certified, and trained thousands of lifeguards – they are essential to the safety of commercial pools.

Hastings Water Works Lifeguard Saves Child’s Life

Lifeguards save lives. Alex is proof of that. Alex embodies everything we stand for at Hastings Water Works.

Hastings Water Works Staff Saves Lives Even When Not in the Lifeguard Chair

When a Hastings Water Works employee steps away from the pool, what happens?

Swim Safety Saves Lives

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths in children ages 1 to 4 in Ohio. These swim safety guidelines can protect you and your family.

Celebrate Your Swimming Pool

It’s a great time of year to have your swimming pool open and your maintenance scheduled so that you can make full use of the season.

The Best Time to Open Your Pool in Northeast Ohio

The best time to open your pool in Northeast Ohio is soon. Now is the time to call and get on the schedule to beat the crowds – and the algae.

Pool Mistakes that Make Your Pool Tech Sad

These 4 pool mistakes will make your pool tech sad, but more than that, it will make you sad as a pool owner. Our pool techs are here year round to help.

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