A Hastings Water Works Christmas Tale

‘Twas the night before Christmas; pool season was done.
Our team grabbed some eggnog, they were ready for fun.
The skimmers were hung by the poolside with care,
Hoping no leaves would find a way there.

The chemicals were nestled all snug in their shed,
While visions of clear water danced in my head.
And mama with her test kit and I in my swim cap,
Had just settled in for the long winter cold snap.

When out on the deck there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my recliner to discover the matter.
I looked out at the pool – not a ripple in sight,
Not a swimmer was stirring – not even in moonlight.

The pool gave a glow from the moon up above,
When I realized what was missing: my winter mesh cover!
My pool was uncovered, the water unprotected –
Yet I had time to wonder: Were reindeer detected?

You’ll remember the past, how we saved Christmas night
The year that the reindeer gave Santa such fright.
They desperately wanted to go for a swim,
So they stopped the full sleigh – quite on a whim!

It wasn’t the reindeer who were up to no good
All evidence pointed to a sinister hood!
With his glimmering eyes and his slithering manner
It wasn’t as if he needed a banner!

The visitor who uncovered my pool this night
Was none other than the Grinch – as he snuck out of sight.
In desperation I rang up that jolly old elf
I explained what had happened and asked him to help.

He flew in with his sleigh like a rush of cold wind,
And lectured the Grinch until he felt quite chagrined.
Then Santa and the reindeer stayed long enough to see
The Grinch cover my pool and apologize to me.

Santa reminded the Grinch, in his jolly old way,
That only good grinches would get gifts from his sleigh.
The Grinch beseeched Santa and dropped to his knees –
“One more chance I beg you, I’ll be good. Oh, pretty please!”

What could he do but say ‘yes’ to the Grinch?
At Christmas all of our hearts need a pinch
To remind us of grace and forgiveness that rule.
Even if you manage to uncover the pool.

So, the night ended well, and we asked Grinch to stay,
For a cup of hot chocolate as Santa took to his sleigh,
And as in years past, as Santa took to the sky,
He hollered, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

santa waves goodbye after saving christmas