Weekly Maintenance Services

Protecting your investment

Hastings Water Works offers complete cleaning and preventative maintenance programs for commercial and municipal facilities. Depending on your needs, our technicians will perform daily, weekly or bi-monthly cleaning and maintenance services. These services – along with chemical testing, balancing, on-site tracking and our exclusive computerized monitoring of water chemistry from our offices – will ensure your pool water remains safe, clean and crystal clear.

Providing a full compliment of services to safeguard the life of your pool:

  • Vacuuming, brushing, skimming and tile cleaning
  • Comprehensive water testing, chemical balancing and on-site tracking¬†of chemical data
  • Backwashing and filter cleaning
  • Equipment testing and troubleshooting
  • Adding environmentally safe, biodegradable enzymes
  • Emptying deck skimmers and pump strainer baskets
  • Adding sequestering agents to help prevent staining
  • Rinsing deck, straightening and maintaining deck furniture
  • Adding make-up water