Swimming season may be over for most pool owners, but you can’t get so wrapped up in winter fun that you forget about your favorite summer activity. The colder weather can damage your pool during the winter months, so it is important to take steps now to protect your investment. These winter repairs and maintenance tips will save you time and money in the long run, and when spring finally arrives and it’s time to dive in, you’ll be glad you hired a professional.

Basic maintenance

To start, you need to have the right pool cover – and that’s almost always a winter mesh safety cover. But there is much more to winter maintenance than covering the pool surface. Our technicians can adjust you water level to keep it below the tile line – minimizing the freeze thaw damage to the tiles. The technicians will also remove any debris that may be on the cover.

Equipment and parts

Pool pumps, filters, and heaters are expensive to replace, and when these essentials are not properly maintained, they can deteriorate over several winters. Water can easily freeze inside pool equipment, causing cracks that you won’t notice until you attempt to turn on the equipment at the first sign of warm weather. Winter is also the best time to repair and replace pool parts.

Chemically balanced water

You already know that maintaining the right water chemistry is a tough job, and winter doesn’t make the job any easier. An improper chemical balance can be a health and safety risk. The last thing you want to do in the spring is float around with bacteria that has had months to fester. A professional does more than keep your pool clean; our technicians will also adjust your chemicals to prevent winter algae and bacteria growth.

Winter is difficult enough when you have to endure freezing temps and blowing snow. Winter pool care can only compound the burden, if winter maintenance is ignored.  Covering the pool and waiting for the ice to thaw is not enough. Hire an aquatic professional to check up on your investment during the winter and keep any damage to a minimum – if at all.

If you are already longing for the first swim of 2019, be sure to give us a call now, so that we can make sure your pool is ready to open at the first sign of spring.