It’s that dreaded time of year when those of us in colder regions must close our outdoor pools for the season. Pools require maintenance all year, and for good reason. But preparing your pool for the winter months is not as simple as tossing a cover over your pool.

Do you need a pool cover?

Without a pool cover, you will have to perform weekly maintenance, such as removing leaves that can leave nasty stains and doing monthly water testing to make sure the chemical balance is just right. It’s also important to know that balancing pool chemicals in the winter is a whole different game. Of course, there’s no need to do anything if the pool water is frozen, but that’s not a guarantee throughout the entire season.

For those backyards that are surrounded by trees that offer gorgeous shade in the summer, the same trees become nothing more than a nuisance during the winter. You would likely spend more time battling Mother Nature than anything else, a skirmish in which you’re unlikely to prevail. In such cases, we would strongly suggest a pool cover to avoid winter damage.

Which pool cover is the best?

Safety should always be prioritized if there are kids or animals in the household. Pool risks and safety remain the same, even in the winter. By installing a winter mesh cover, you won’t have to worry about leaves or branches invading your pool, but you also won’t be outside in the middle of winter moving snow off your expensive motorized summer cover. You’ll also avoid the glare of the winter sun, which can deteriorate vinyl liners and cause fading.

Remember, a pool cover doesn’t eliminate the need for maintenance. You’ll still want your Hastings technician to come by at least once if not twice every winter and treat the water to prevent algae and adjust the water level.

Cover or no cover, pools do require winter maintenance that is best handled by a reliable professional. The consequences of not taking care of your pool mean more work in the spring, as well as time and money spent repairing damages instead of swimming. Caring for your pool during the winter months is worth the effort, and professional maintenance will ensure that you have long-lasting enjoyment of your pool when the warmer weather returns. If you need winter pool care, just give us a call.