It’s pool season – another fun-filled summer in the water!  But the season in Northeast Ohio can be short.  To make the most out of your investment, we suggest opening your pool now and take advantage of the unexpectedly warm spring days. As we begin to hear the birds chirp and watch the flowers bloom, we are reminded of the many reasons to love our pools. Here are just a few.

1. Socializing

Swimming pools are an easy and automatic excuse to spend time with friends and family.  Nearly everyone loves to swim or socialize near the water, making it a great place for pool parties, evening entertainment, your child’s birthday party, or family reunions.

2. Stress Relief

When was the last time you felt stressed while enjoying the pool on a beautiful day It’s almost impossible to do! Whether you’re in the water or relaxing poolside (wearing sunscreen of course), the trials and tribulations of the day seem to fade away as your backyard paradise works its magic.

3. Fitness

Your swimming pool isn’t just for frolicking.  Your exercising in the pool provides proven health benefits and a full-body workout.  Not only do you receive all the cardio benefits you need, but water’s natural resistance is perfect for aerobic conditioning, strength training, and muscle toning, while also eliminating the harmful impact associated with running and similar exercises.

4. Natural Pain Relief

For people with limited mobility, arthritis, or other painful conditions, the swimming pool can make you feel like a new person.  Floating in a pool reduces stress on joints and can ease your pain, making it easier to perform water exercises that help target and strengthen weak areas, increase flexibility, and reduce soreness.

5. Staycation

Travel, hotels, and food can get expensive, especially for a family with kids. But with a pool paradise just outside your door, you can turn your time off into a staycation that feels as luxurious as a 5-star hotel, without the cost.  Invest a little on party lights, tiki torches, and some festive nautical décor.  Add your favorite tropical background music and your cares will fade away as you enjoy your own private staycation.

6. Property Value

Contrary to old-school thinking from decades ago, a well-maintained inground swimming pool is a sought-after feature for many home buyers.  Once you’re ready to sell, your all-inclusive retreat will be a bonus, bringing you on average a higher sale price and more prospective buyers.

There are many reasons to love having your pool. And if you haven’t yet opened your pool or scheduled weekly service and cleaning, get in touch today.