What’s a pool party without some fun water games? Rather than leave your guests to swim and splash on their own, it’s easy to have games at the ready to make the most of your day at the pool.  These pool party games need very little in terms of equipment, but do require teamwork while allowing players to practice their swimming skills. All are family-friendly and range in difficulty from beginners to expert swimmers and can be adjusted to make them easier. The only items players will need are their swimsuits and goggles.

The Invisible Bottle

This game is deceptively difficult to play. Fill a few clear water bottles with water and toss them into the pool. You can put numbers on the caps to keep track of how many have been found, and then encourage swimmers to find all the “invisible” bottles.

Pool Noodle Race

This is a perfect game for swimmers who may not be ready to take off on their own. Pool noodle races allow for competitive laps around the pool for even the younger kids. Not only will they have a fun time, but they will really get those feet kicking.

Hula Hoop Course

More advanced swimmers can be challenged to swim through hula hoops held by other people in the pool. Initiate a relay race between teams to see who can swim through all the hoops the fastest, or an individual challenge to see how long a party-goer can swim underwater.

Ping Pong Collection

This is another fun team activity, and all you need are ping pong balls and a permanent marker. Write numbers on the ping pong balls and toss them into the pool. Challenge your swimmers to collect as many as they can, and then count them to discover which team was able to collect the most.

Water Volleyball

Who doesn’t love a good water volleyball game? A beach ball and a net are all that’s required, and younger swimmers can always play closer to the shallow end so that they can have fun, too!

Balloon Fun

It’s not a party without balloons, especially balloons floating on, in, and under the water!  For the first set of balloons, just blow them up, tie them off and toss them into the pool. Add just a little bit of water to the next group of balloons, blow them up, tie them off and toss them in.  Add even more water to another set of balloons, tie them off and toss them in. You’ll see how all of the balloons float or sink to different levels!  Now, send in teams or individuals to collect as many as they can in a set time limit. Balloons can be fun to navigate around the pool, both under and at the surface.

Pool Scrabble

If you’re looking for something with an educational twist, all you need are square pieces of kitchen sponges that have been cut in half and a permanent marker. Write letters on the sponge pieces, creating small floating tiles. Have players collect as many as they can. Once all the pieces are in hand, let the game of wits commence. Hint: you can use chalk to draw your own version of a scrabble board on the deck!

Dive for Treasure

The treasure can be anything from glow sticks to plastic dinosaurs. Encourage your more advanced swimmers to dive for items at the bottom of the pool and collect as many as they can.

One final hint, you can always mix and match any of these games. Swim through Hula Hoops to collect water balloons, for example.

Your Pool Party Deserves a Clean Pool

You can’t enjoy a pool party and these awesome games without a crystal clear, clean pool. Insure your pool is always ready for the next party – scheduled or impromptu – by contacting us today!  We will provide you with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pool cleaning all summer long.

We all love to have fun in the pool, but before planning any pool party, be sure to review pool safety guidance to make sure your guests stay safe.