Everyone should swim! Whether you enjoy the pool in your backyard or you make your way to one of the great community pools in Northeast Ohio, swimming is more than just an enjoyable way to pass the time and stay cool in the summer. Swimming offers lasting benefits for people of all ages.

  1. Swimming Is an All-Body Exercise

Need to tighten the abs?  Burn the fat? Striving to strengthen your arms? From losing weight to improving cardiovascular health to strengthening muscles, it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your fitness program: Swimming can help you get there faster.

  1. Learning to Swim Can Save Your Life

Knowing how to swim – even if all you can do is keep yourself afloat until help comes – can save your life. Drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children ages 14 and under. Enrolling your kids in swimming lessons can protect them from this often-silent killer.

  1. Water Exercise Is Low-Impact

If you need to exercise but struggle with arthritis or other joint pain, or if you are at risk for injury, exercising in the water (swimming laps, water aerobics, and resistance exercises) can be very beneficial. Water’s buoyancy reduces the pressure on your joints. The pool is the perfect place for physical therapy.

  1. Swimming Burns More Calories than Biking or Walking

Swimming burns more calories than most other exercises, and while it burns less than running, it does so with much less impact, making it a better choice for many people.

  1. Swimming Is Fun!

One reason it can be difficult to stick to exercise routines is because, let’s be honest, they’re not very much fun. Swimming is fun! And for most people, the sound of water is also therapeutic. Even the breathing technique used for swimming is beneficial. And new research out of England reveals that swimming can reduce the risk of dementia and improve overall mental health.

The next time you’re feeling blue, need to exercise, or simply want to avoid the same old exercise routine, visit a swimming pool. You’ll be glad you did. Everyone should swim!

Are you ready to open your pool for the summer? We have slots available for pool openings as well as ongoing cleaning services for both residential and commercial pools. Don’t let the dread of pool maintenance keep you from enjoying the benefits of swimming. Just get in touch; then, relax and enjoy your pool with comprehensive pool cleaning services.