The weather this time of year is often back and forth. On one day, you could convince yourself that spring is on its way and the next day, you could find yourself cursing the falling snow that you’ll have to ultimately shovel. Freezing temperatures are a nuisance, but more than that, they can cause significant damage to your pool. Here are some swimming pool tips to help you – and your pool – survive this (hopefully final) cold spell.

Perimeter Duty

During the winter months, you can’t simply ignore the fact that you have a pool. If you have not signed up for our Winter Watch Service, you’ll need to be sure you step outside on a regular basis to inspect your pool and the surrounding area, ensuring that everything still looks good. Walk around the pool area and make sure that the cover is still secure, that the fence is closed and locked, and that there is no evidence of damage (burst pipes, torn cover, etc.) that you need to deal with now.

Take a Peek Under the Cover

Look under your cover or through your mesh cover and make sure your pool appears in good health. Your pool should still be holding water and that water shouldn’t be too high or too low – or growing algae. There should be minimal debris in the pool.

Check the Equipment

Take a quick look at your equipment. Does anything look damaged or broken? Does your pump look okay? Are there leaks that concern you?

Get Repairs and Upgrades Now

Do you have pool equipment you know wasn’t functioning properly last spring, or is there anything you’re worried about now? It’s better to schedule repairs before pool techs get busy with spring openings. The last thing you want to do is lose pool time to down time. Schedule repairs and upgrades now.

Schedule Your Pool Opening

During this time of season when the weather is unpredictable, scheduling your pool opening now ensures that you get a spot on the calendar that works for you. While our technicians are there making winter repairs, go ahead and nail down a time for them to return to open your pool.

A quick inspection of your pool now could save you time and money later. Use these swimming pool tips to be ready for swim season when it finally arrives. Contact your swimming pool repair company if you see any damages. And remember, Hastings Water Works is your go-to source for professional pool services. We service pools in Northeast Ohio year-round.