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The sun is beginning to set early and a chill is in the air.  We may still have time for a few scattered days with temperatures in the 80s, but when the lows are dipping into the 40s and leaves are starting to waft to the ground, it’s time to schedule your pool closing – allowing for a two-week notice, of course.

Hastings Water Works Residential Pool Closings for NE Ohio Pool Owners

Properly closing your pool in the winter ensures that you can jump right back in next spring, once the weather improves. Hastings Water Works provides comprehensive pool closings including:

  • Vacuuming, cleaning, and skimming the pool
  • Testing and adjusting water chemistry
  • Treating the pool with an environmentally safe algae inhibitor
  • Adding a sequestering agent to prevent stains
  • Lowering the pool water to the proper winter level
  • Draining and sealing plumbing lines and equipment
  • Adding non-toxic, environmentally safe antifreeze to all plumbing lines
  • Removing and storing accessories, such as ladders, diving boards, and handrails
  • Installing and securing your winter cover (ideally a winter mesh safety cover)

Other Fall Residential Closing Services to Consider

Owning a pool is an investment, not only for your summer enjoyment but as a bonus for your property value.  Proper upkeep and maintenance can mean more that just better enjoyment of your pool – it can be the catalyst for a higher return on your investment when the time comes to sell your home. In addition to scheduling pool closings, Consider these additional services.

Repair or Replace Your Winter Mesh Safety Cover

We have been busy working to repair and replace residential mesh safety covers for the last few months. There is still time to either have yours repaired or invest in a new cover. Mesh covers provide essential winter protection,  offering the best combination of protection for your pool and safety for your children and creatures who may accidentally wander onto it.

Save 15% on a Replacement Liner

Many residential pool owners wait until spring to decide to replace their vinyl pool liner, but the best time to replace your liner is during the fall. You can save 15% on the cost of your replacement liner by choosing to schedule the service in the fall as opposed to the spring when prices tend to increase.

Pool Painting Services

A fresh coat of paint can help preserve the life of your pool and improve its durability while also enhancing its beauty.  Hastings Water Works provides pool painting services to residential clients in the NE Ohio area. Pool painting is best done in the fall between September and November, as opposed to the spring when its usually the wettest time of year.

Nobody wants to close their pool for the long winter season.  But by doing so with Hastings Water Works, you’ll be better prepared to open in the spring – once the days become longer and the temperature climbs. You’ll be ready in short time to enjoy another summer season, poolside.  Give us a call today.