The warm days of summer can’t arrive soon enough, and as the temperature rises outside, our thoughts turn to the yearly event of opening the swimming pool! 

When is the best time to open your pool in Northeast Ohio?

At Hastings Water Works, we strongly encourage pool owners to open your pool in Northeast Ohio a full two weeks earlier than you want to use it.  To do so, you need to schedule your opening as soon as possible.  Our opening schedule is filling up fast; our 25-plus pool technicians and valets get extremely busy the further we get into spring.

There are several benefits to opening your pool early to help protect your investment:


If you’ve been receiving winter services, you most likely will not have any algae. But as the temperature warms, the sun beating down on your pool will be an algae growth accelerator. Large algae blooms are difficult to get under control, requiring extra service stops and more chemicals to get the pool ready to use. Opening your pool and getting it ready for spring gives you a jump start to prevent algae blooms and save on the extra chemicals needed.


Let’s face it – many pool owners spend just as much time on the deck or patio by the pool as they do in the pool. The sooner the pool is open, the sooner you can begin firing up the grill and hosting parties. When spring shows up on the calendar, many pool owners are anxious to spend time outdoors… and in the swimming pool!

Beat the Crowd

Open your pool early and schedule your weekly maintenance.  There is only so much time in the day, so by scheduling now, you will allow for any unexpected repairs, like tile replacement or heater service. If for some reason your pool equipment needs new parts, we will know in advance and have time to get the repairs completed before the season is in full swing.

Hastings Water Works Residential Pool Opening Services

Our professional technicians will take care of everything you need to start the season right:

  • Remove, clean and store the pool cover on your property
  • Assemble filtration equipment including pumps, filter, heater and chemical feeder
  • Install ladders, handrails, and diving boards
  • Start filtration equipment and check for proper operation
  • Advise on any repairs, upgrades, or maintenance
  • Test and balance your water chemistry
  • Provide a quick rinse of the deck for any loose debris (pressure washing quote available)
  • Vacuum, brush, and skim the pool

Are you ready to go swimming?

Contact us today to schedule your professional pool opening NOW!