I just wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with our front-line supervisors at The Landings pool. Antonio is doing a super job providing daily supervision over our lifeguards. He resolves minor issues quickly and has done a terrific and timely job informing me of any situation—all of which he handles with utmost professionalism. Both he and his supervisor, Amanda, have tremendous customer service skills and I greatly appreciate that.

Amanda has done a great job keeping me informed on our equipment issues. She has provided me with detailed briefings on matters that affect the operation of our pool and has swiftly coordinated the much-needed replacement of items that either wore out or broke so we wouldn’t miss a beat.  Amanda and Antonio have been working together in sync to properly maintain and operate our pool and our community has noticed! Thank you for bringing on such impactful young professionals to your team. They are shining a positive light on your company.


Jeff Urbaniak
The Landings Racquet & Swim Club