Hastings Water Works believes that pool owners deserve to relax and enjoy their pools and not have it become just another weekend chore. We provide residential professional pool maintenance services that give you peace of mind and ensure that every free moment you have can be spent relaxing poolside and not spent figuring out chlorine levels and chasing leaves.

What Are Pool Maintenance Services?

Pool maintenance services are the contracted services of a trained and certified pool technician who comes to your home regularly – every two weeks, optimally – to clean your pool, adjust your chemicals, and address any concerns about equipment. Hastings Water Works technicians are pool experts who know how to keep your pool healthy and safe.

What Do Pool Maintenance Services Include?

All services are provided by certified, insured service technicians. We provide the following pool cleaning and maintenance services:

  • Vacuum/brush/skim the pool and spa as needed
  • Scrub and clean sunscreen residue and deposits from tile
  • Test for proper levels of chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness (other tests provided as needed)
  • Chart all chemical readings and other critical data on site
  • Add environmentally safe enzymes to inhibit algae and reduce chlorine use
  • Add sequestering agents to help prevent staining
  • Add makeup water as needed

Our pool service technicians also do the following at each service call as needed:

  • Backwash/clean filter as required
  • Troubleshoot equipment for proper operation and leaks
  • Empty deck skimmer baskets and pump strainer basket
  • Rinse off deck debris when needed
  • Straighten deck furniture and accessories

At the end of each visit, our technician will leave a door hanger that lets you know exactly what services were provided and let you know if there was anything out of the ordinary.

Why Should You Hire a Pool Cleaning Service?

Besides the fact that it’s hard work and time-consuming, one of the most compelling reasons to hire a professional is that, unless you know precisely what you’re doing with the chemical balance, you may not be able to keep the water healthy. This can impact swimmers – skin and eye irritation, and it can also lead to pool damage or uncontrolled algae growth. Your pool is a huge investment, both in terms of the cost of installing it and the resale value it adds to your home.

If you’re ready to enjoy the peace of mind of an always-ready pool that is clean and ready to swim in, contact us today to schedule your professional pool cleanings!