Your pool technician is your right-hand man (or woman) in the summer, but why does your relationship have to suffer during the winter season? Pool techs are just as important every month of the year, even when the sun isn’t shining, and you may sometimes forget that you have a pool when your yard and swimming pool area are buried in snow. But like the postal service, our pool techs are ready to help you through rain, snow, or shine, to avoid these classic pool mistakes that plague pool owners and pool maintenance staff alike.

1 – Skipping winter pool service – It may be a snowy March in Ohio, but your pool still needs some love and attention. Pool owners often assume that because it’s not sweltering outside, their pool will be just fine. A pool maintenance professional can keep an eye on your equipment and pool lining to prevent long-term damage, saving you from stress and added expense in the spring.

2 – Playing chemist – Maintaining the perfect chemical balance in your pool is a science, and if you aren’t well-versed in the art of pool chemistry, you could cause physical damage to your pool and damage to your health. It may sound like a good idea to dump any preventative-algae chemical into your water, especially for the winter, but each pool demands a unique balance. Your pool tech can give you the best information that will keep your water at the perfect pH levels and your pool in good condition

3 – Draining the pool – You should never completely drain your pool, even in the winter. It’s a waste of water and it’s a lot of work. Your pool tech can tell you how high your water should be, depending on the season and whether you have a cover in place. If you need winterization tips, let your pool maintenance team know.

4 – Ignoring safety precautions – Preventative measures, such as a fence and a pool cover, are critical whether you’re using the pool or not. No matter the season, animals and children are known to wander, and the pool is an attractive venue. Don’t neglect to put up a fence (check your local guidelines), and your pool tech can help you pick the right pool cover for your needs.

Your pool is a huge investment and your pool tech wants to help. For your pool to be ready for action, monthly attention is required, and neglecting your pool for even a short period of time can have long-term consequences. It’s never too late to get the right pool treatment, no matter what time of year it is.

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Photo credit: “Un plongeon ?” (CC BY 2.0) by Pierre__Arnaud