We’re hiring lifeguards at Hastings Water Works! With a national lifeguard shortage, it’s a tough position to fill. It’s even tougher when you know the people you hire are on the frontlines, providing safety and peace of mind for our clients and their families.

It takes a special person to be a lifeguard. And it takes an exceptional person to be a Hastings Water Works lifeguard.

In order to determine how to find lifeguards like the Hastings Heroes who come back season after season or work for us fulltime, we asked them what they love about working here.

Jordan says, “I love the company and I love the job. I enjoy that I can spend my summers outside while making money and being able to travel to different locations and meet new people. I love how easy it is to communicate with everyone and how I’m able to work as much as I want.” 

 Aja says, “This isn’t just a job, it’s a hobby. Hastings Water Works has become family and home! Great staff and management: every problem is handled. Teamwork is amazing. They care. The company is not like others where you feel used and replaceable at any moment. I know management will work with me, back me up, and help me out at any given time. They have helped me in many ways, so I feel committed to them and to give back in return.” 

If you’re interested in one of the lifeguards at Hastings Water Works – or know someone who would – applications are now open

More feedback from lifeguards at Hastings Water Works:

I am always looking for a way to have a supplemental form of income and working outdoors is a fun and easy way.

I liked the option of working at many different pools. Lots of options for hours!

It’s a good company and the staff are very friendly!

LIfeguards at Hastings Water Works Can Earn Extra Money Referring New Hires!