(CBS) Just seeing a lifeguard on duty instills a sense of security.

But having a lifeguard at water’s edge doesn’t always mean your pool is safe.

The statistics are sobering. On average, 10 people a day die from unintentional drowning. More than one in 5 drowning deaths involves a child 14 or younger. Some of those cases involve pools where life guards were on duty.

“Early Show” Consumer Correspondent Susan Koeppen told the story of Yoni Gottesman.

Yoni was just 4 years old when his parents took him to summer camp.

His mother, Anat Gottesman, said, “I remember when I left him in the morning. He said, ‘Mommy, I’m so happy. Bye bye. We’ll see you later.'”

But that was the last they would see Yoni alive.

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When Lifeguard On Duty Doesn’t Mean “Safe”

Hastings Water Works is committed to delivering safety and peace of mind.

What it means when there’s a Hastings Water Works lifeguard on duty:

Safety, supervision and maintenance, in the water and out

  • Affiliated with the American Red Cross, the largest primary lifeguard certification protocol in the world.
  • Our staff includes professional trained Lifeguards, Water Safety Instructors (WSI), Lifeguard Instructors (LGI), Water Safety Instruc­tor Trainer (WSIT), Lifeguard Instructor Trainer (LGIT) and Aquatic Examiner.
  • Over the past five years, 26 of our lifeguards have been ranked in the top 100 Golden Guards annually, out of some 35,000 guards worldwide. Ten of those were in 2008 alone!
  • Hastings Water Works employs a full-time, year-round aquatics department staff, including an Aquatics Director, Director of Lifeguard Operations and assistants.
  • We also employ a staff of 15 full-time, year-round technicians who are also certified lifeguards for immediate coverage or emergency response when you need a lifeguard on duty now.
  • Hastings Water Works “Learn to Swim” program is comprised of two-week sessions with seven levels of instruction. The program is conducted by our certified lifeguards, who receive additional “Learn to Swim” training and certification.
  • Lifeguards are employees of Hastings Water Works, which handles all training, certification, payroll liabilities, recruiting, hiring, insurance and risk management.