Our service technicians at Hastings Water Works are busy year round, not just during the summer when pools are open. Your backyard oasis is a big investment, and just because you can’t go swimming doesn’t mean your pool doesn’t need a little TLC to get through the cold winter season. That’s why we offer our popular, cost-effective, and comprehensive Winter Watch Program.

Hastings Water Works Winter Watch Program

Our Winter Watch Service is designed to keep your pool in good working order throughout the winter so that you’re ready for a spring opening at the earliest possible moment. Not only does the program protect your investment, but it’s designed to give you peace of mind in knowing that your pool is protected from winter damage. The service includes three visits over the winter, during which our technicians will:

  • Adjust pool chemicals so that, when the time comes, pool opening in the spring is easier on your pool and your wallet
  • Remove excess water, leaves, and snow from your winter pool cover, within reason
  • Replace damaged water bags and adjust safety cover tension straps
  • Perform a visual inspection of all your pool equipment
  • Inspect pump room and equipment for rodent nesting, leaving traps if needed
  • Adjust water levels below tile line to minimize any freeze damage
  • Assess if any fallen tile or coping stone repairs are needed before opening season

Why Is Winter Pool Maintenance Important?

By not investing in winter pool maintenance, your pool may require additional repairs come springtime that could have been prevented. If you neglect your pool for several months, especially during extremely cold temperatures, costly damage can go unnoticed. Owning a pool is expensive to begin with; but year-round maintenance can help minimize or even prevent your cherished means of recreation from becoming a money pit.

Benefits of winter maintenance include:

  • Preventing Pool Damage. Winter weather can quickly damage your pool, from debris and dirt to frozen pipes. If you ignore your pool in the winter, you may later wake to a spring disaster. 
  • Minimizing Health Risks. While the growth of algae and bacteria slow in the winter, they do not stop completely. Maintaining the proper chemical balance in your pool throughout the winter keeps growth at bay. This also helps prevent ponding that may become breeding grounds for mosquitos in the early spring months.
  • Easier Spring Opening. When you have cared for your pool throughout the winter, properly maintaining the equipment and chemical balance, you will typically experience fewer, if any, issues when opening in the spring – and you won’t have to miss a single swim day because of delayed repairs when we’re in our busiest months.

If you’re interested in our Winter Watch Program, please call our Service Department for more information at 440-832-7700 (Option #2).