August is of one the hottest summer months, which is great for swimming, but it’s not so awesome – or cool – when your pool water temperature starts creeping up. How are you supposed to cool off when your pool water is as warm as your bath? These handy tricks can help cool your pool and keep it refreshing, especially as the sun continues to boil.

  1. Grab some shade – One of the simpler ways to cool down your pool is to get some natural shade going, but this method initially takes a bit of work. You should aim for protecting against the west side with a row of planted trees, being mindful of your tree choice. Deciduous trees will have you skimming the pool regularly when the leaves begin to fall. Don’t get too excited with your landscaping, though. Too much foliage surrounding your pool will restrict air movement and heat your entire pool area.
  2. Apply science – Fountains and waterfalls cause evaporation, which then cools the pool water. This does result in some water loss and your pool will need refilled more frequently. It’s recommended that you run fountains or waterfalls at night instead of during the day, when air is cooler and you’re less likely to lose as much water.
  3. When science fails, use technology – If you don’t want to add a waterfall or fountain, you can also purchase an evaporative cooler that does the same job. They are relatively inexpensive and can drop the temperature five to ten degrees, depending on pool size and air temperature.
  4. Flip it and reverse it – This is admittedly an expensive option, but a reversible heat pump works. This piece of equipment doubles as a heater during winter months and a cooler during the summer months. If you have an inground pool, it may be worth the investment.
  5. Filter in the moonlight – If you’re not in the mood to add any extras, consider simple steps like running your filter at night and using a pool cover on the hot days when the pool is not in use.

And just in case you’re considering it, we don’t recommend trying to add ice. You’d only be wasting what could be needed instead for a great poolside beverage. As well, it would take thousands of pounds of ice to drop a pool temperature even a few degrees, so although it sounds like a good idea, it’s not worth the effort. These pool-cooling tips will provide relief now and on future pool days.