5 stars to Hastings Water Works for excellent customer service, responsiveness and execution. Needed a second opinion to determine if I had algae or dirt in my pool. Referred to Hastings by a life-long friend, who uses Hastings for everything. Called Hastings around 11 a.m. on a Friday and was prompted to leave voice mail for Tori Chesmar, Assistant Service Manager.  Received call back within 2 hours and work order placed within 5 hours. Tori had a great regard for listening, facilitating and solving my problem.  After I explained my situation, Tori advised me step by step (which involved evaluating emailed images of my pool) on what was next and ultimately created a work order that her project teammate would see upon return to work on following Tuesday. On the following Tuesday, Tori called to tell me that her team would be at my home the following afternoon. Team Tom and Jake were professional, courteous, and evaluated everything. Was relieved to learn that I didn’t have an algae problem, only a dirt problem, which confirmed my need for a second opinion.

Pool ownership can be stressful, especially when you know you have a problem but can’t find the right experts to help you figure things out. I have been in the commercial customer service industry for 25 years and always call out excellence.

Hastings Water Works is a 5 star company in my book!

Dawn Rockas