Residential Pool Open & Close Service

The Hastings Water Works Open & Close package includes:


Pool opening services:

  • Drain the water and remove debris from the winter cover
  • Remove, clean and store cover on client’s property
  • Assemble filtration equipment including pumps, filter, heater and chemical feeder
  • Install ladders, handrails and diving boards
  • Start filtration equipment and check for proper operation
  • Advise on any repairs, upgrades or maintenance
  • Check and balance water chemistry
  • Rinse deck of loose debris (pressure washing quote available)
  • Vacuum, brush and skim pool

Client responsible for all chemistry and maintenance work when Hastings Water Works is not on-site\

Openings, Closings and Service Calls based upon availability


Pool Closing Services:

  • Vacuum, clean and skim the pool
  • Test water chemistry for chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and balance for the off-season
  • Add environmentally safe algae inhibitor
  • Add sequestering agent to prevent staining
  • Drain pool water to proper winter level
  • Drain and seal all plumbing lines and equipment
  • Add non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe antifreeze to all plumbing lines
  • Remove and store any equipment – ladders, handrails, etc.
  • Install and secure winter cover (automatic, mesh or tarp)
  • Provide a detailed list of services complete with proactive recommendations for your consideration.

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