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Weekly Cleaning Services

Relax and enjoy your pool with comprehensive pool cleaning services

Select the package that fits your needs and we will provide comprehensive maintenance services. All services are provided by certified, insured service technicians. Even our lifeguards, the most highly trained in Ohio, are available for your special parties or events.

Pool cleaning and maintenance services:

Vacuum/brush/skim the pool and spa as needed
Scrub and clean sunscreen residue and deposits from tile
Test for proper levels of chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness (other tests provided as needed)
Chart all chemical readings and other critical data on site
Add environmentally safe enzymes to inhibit algae and reduce chlorine use
Add sequestering agents to help prevent staining
Add makeup water as needed

To keep the pool and deck area neat and well-maintained:

Backwash/clean filter as required

Troubleshoot equipment for proper operation and leaks
Empty deck skimmer baskets and pump strainer basket
Rinse off deck debris when needed
Straighten deck furniture and accessories
Leave a door hanger listing services and chemicals provided
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